What is DataMine?

What is DataMine?

DataMine is our data mining platform. Built on top of Hadoop with a HiveQL interface, DataMine is a fast data exploration tool that makes it easy to establish business metrics and analyze all of your data. It enables you to easily construct, save, and export your complex queries. With DataMine you can run custom queries to answer a variety of business questions such as analyzing users by location, demographic, attribution data, and any other information you ingest or uncovering top spenders across all channels to improve loyalty and inform acquisition efforts.

How do I access DataMine?

DataMine can be accessed by clicking on the DataMine tab in the Upsight dashboard under Exploration.

How Often is Data Loaded into DataMine?

Data loads into DataMine every 2 - 4 hours to allow for proper cleaning and partitioning of data. If you are just getting started and have triggered your first messages, your information will show up in Data Mine soon!

How Long Will My Query Take to Run?

Average query run time can vary widely depending on what information you are looking for. A basic query takes anywhere from 3-10 mins (query submission, set up, execution, display) and can be affected by factors such as cluster availability and query complexity. Use time partitions for and consult our best practices page.