What is Push?

Upsight Push Notifications are a way to easily send push notifications to your users. Push notifications are typically custom text alerts sent to the home screen of a users' device. Push notifications can be used to reengage inactive users, send them special offers, or encourage specific behaviour. When a user engages with a push notification, they can be linked directly to a specific in-app event, or marketing campaign.

SDK Requirements

To use Push Notifications, download and integrate the Upsight SDK. Please contact your CSM if you have any questions.

How to Send a Push Notification

To create a Push Notification, navigate to Marketing > Push and click 'Send Push'.

Send Push

To create a Push Notification:

Select the app to be included in your push campaign.

Select app

Select the users who you want to receive the push notification. You can choose all users, a specific segment, or you can upload a CSV-formatted list of IDs. Supported IDs include Upsight ID (SID), push token, IDFA, IDFV, and Google AID.

Push users

Select the action of the push notification by selecting 'Open App', 'URL or URI', or 'Open Campaign'. This will be the action that happens when the user interacts with the push notification.

Push action

Click 'Add To Campaign' when you’re finished. The slide-out will take you back to the main campaign editor panel.

You have the option to send the push notification immediately by selecting 'Now' in the schedule options.

Or you can schedule a notification to be sent in future by selecting 'Later', and choosing the UTC time or user's time zone. If selecting a user's time zone, note that users in timezones where this local time has already passed will not receive the notification. If you'd like all users to receive the notification, schedule the message for at least 25 hours in the future.

Push later

Notifications can also be set on a recurring schedule. You can set the message frequency in days, weeks or months, and the duration for the schedule.

Push recurring

Click 'Add Message' to customize the push notification message.

Add message

Enter your message.

Push message

Additional options by platform:

  • You have the option to add a badge number for iOS and set a sound
  • You have the option to add an image for Android

Once you’ve finalized your message, click 'Send Push'.

Send push

Viewing Push Results

You can track your push results in the PUSH page. From this page, you have a high-level view of sent, failed, opened, conversion rate as a percentage and status of the push notification campaign.

Push Reporting

To view more detailed metrics, custom dashboards can be used.

How to set your GCM API Key or APNS Certificate


  2. From the Applications section, choose the app you would like to send a Push Notification to and click Push Settings.

  3. On this screen you will be able to upload your Apple Push Notifications Service (APNS) Certificate or Google Cloud Messaging (GCM) API Key.