User Explorer

What is User Explorer?

User Explorer is Upsight’s segment builder on steroids. User Explorer streamlines and simplifies the discovery process by letting you interact directly with your data. You can click on any chart to filter your audience and the system will automatically update your data and the number of users in your segment accordingly in real time. It also merges analytics and marketing by allowing you to immediately engage any user segment you’ve identified with a marketing campaign, or save that segment to target in the future. User Explorer

SDK Requirements

To use Campaigns, download and integrate the Upsight SDK. Please contact your CSM if you have any questions.

How to Create and Save User Segments

  1. Once you are logged into the Upsight dashboard, navigate to EXPLORATION on the left navigation pane. You should now be in the USER EXPLORATION tab.

  2. Click on the desired app from the APP SELECTOR drop-down menu.

  3. Select the ATTRIBUTES you want included in your segmentation, by checking one or all of the following boxes are checked, depending on your preference. There are currently 14 pre-defined attributes from which to choose, and any number of custom attributes:

    • Install Date
    • Last Session Date
    • Lifetime Sessions
    • Time in App
    • Country
    • OS Version
    • App Version
    • Device Hardware
    • Language
    • Connection Type
    • Amount Spent (>0)
    • Attribution Source
    • Attribution Campaign
    • Attribution Creative
    • Custom [a drop down list that contains all of your custom attributes]
  4. Once you’ve selected the attributes you want to view, by clicking directly on the charts you can manipulate them to create the different segments of users you’d like to target. As you select different data, every chart will update dynamically, in real time. You’ll be able to quickly discover how different user behaviors and characteristics affect other attributes.

  5. Once you’ve narrowed your segment to the users you would like to target, you can now do the following:

    • SAVE SEGMENT to save your segment
    • CREATE CAMPAIGN to create a campaign
    • DOWNLOAD USERS to download CSV lists of identifiers (Upsight ID [SID], IDFA, IDFV, Push Token)
    • SEND TO DATAMINE to open datamine with the HQL expression for selecting the users pre-populated in the editor

Additional User Explorer Features

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User Counter: The count/percentage of users in your segment is now always visible and will update automatically as you select data, and compares to the overall segment size.

Automatic Filters: As you select data from charts your selections are recorded as filters automatically.

  • Global Filters: Review filters applied across all charts. Customers can remove individually, or all at once.
  • Chart Filters: Filters applied to an individual chart. Data associated with the attribute can be removed by clicking, or selecting within the chart display.

Adding, Editing, and Deleting Segments: You can add new segments, as well as edit or delete existing segments by navigating to EXPLORATION > SEGMENTS.